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Good day and a warm welcome to my website!

I am here to assist you with your webMethods projects and I am looking forward to help you tackling your challenges
Additionally, to my expert skills in the webMethods Integration Server Suite, I have excellent experiences in 20 years of software development


webMethods is an Integration Server Suite provided by Software AG for establishing EAI and B2B projects to connect internal and external systems for unlimited data exchange and building up fully automated workflows. This section gives you an Overview over my webMethods skills.
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webMethods Overview

Roles: webMethods Consultant, Developer, Administrator, Systems Architect
Migration of webMethods to higher Versions
Current Version: webMethods Integration Server Suite Version 10.7
Tenure: Since the beginning of 2003

webMethods Modules and Components

Integration Server, Administrator, Command Central, SPM, Software AG Platform Manager
Developer, Designer
BPM, Modeler, My webMethods Portal Server, MWS
Monitor, Deployer, Broker, UM, Universal Messaging
Optimize, Analytic Engine, Data Collector Engine, Prediction Engine, Terra Cotta, Certificate Tool Kit

webMethods EAI and B2B Adapter

JDBC, AS400, Swift, Reuters, Fix, Summit
Webservice, REST-Service
JSP, DSP, Dynamic Server Pages

Work Experience

In implementing complex solutions I will respect the Companies Network and Security Restrictions and I am used to work with the Shareholders infrastructure, proxy, VPN, firewall, loadbalancer, LDAP, security and authorization Challenges.

Project Tasks

Analysis of Business Requirements
Creation and Implementation of Jira tickets, Documentation in Confluence
Designing service flows, BPMS and IT Architecture
Building Connetions to Internal and External Systems
Release Management with Jenkins, Git and Artifactory, Runbooks
Data Mapping with webMethods Flow Language or Java Code
Manage Digital Certificates
Support Tests, Application Management, 3rd-Level-Support

Skills & Knowledge

Java, Eclipse, JUnit, EJB, C#, Visual Studio, JSP, DSP, Spring
Jenkins, Artifactory for CI/CD, Git, Jira, Confluence, Wiki
Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL
Apache, Tomcat, Bea Application Server, JBoss Application Server

Skills & Knowledge

Postman, SoapUI, WinSCP, FileZilla
MS Windows, Linux, CentOs, Sun Solaris
MS Office, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes

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