my webMethods Integration Server Suite Business

In the roles as a webMethods consultant, developer, administrator and systems architect I am able to support my client in the whole chain of webMethods business tasks. Since the beginning of the year 2003, I am developing software on the platform webMethods Integration Server Suite in various business B2B and EAI projects. I started with the product SAP Business Connector (SAP BC) Version 4.6. Currently I am working with the webMethods Integration Server Suite Version 8.2. And I have also small experiences in Version 9.8, Universal Messaging, UM Enterprise Manager and Terracotta Server Array and cluster solutions.

In my projects the SAP system is one of the main system I am connecting and integrating into services and business processes. Besides SAP the other systems are:

  • Siebel, Summit, Reuters, WMX, ZVFJA, ZFA, HP Service Desk, Sunguard Martini, Sunguard Front Arena, Omada, DBD
  • Schufa and Verein Creditreform (Scoring, Rating and Address qualifying agencies)
  • Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS SQL Server
  • IBM AS 400, IBM MQ series
  • Swift, Fix

I am implementing projects in the EAI area:

  • synchronizing data through different systems like customer, address data, contract or banking data.
  • exchanging binaries
  • customer address ident verification, customer credit scoring, Schufa requests
  • building complex process workflows

As well as in the B2B area:

  • order management
  • sending and receiving orders, order responses, order acknowledges and invoices.
  • implementing a RosettaNet framework with different PIPS.

Additionally to my expert skills in the webMethods Integration Server Suite, I have excellent experiences in 20 years of software development. If you like to read more details please download my CV as a word document.

The webMethods Integration Server Suite is a product by Software AG.

webMethods Developer, Architect and Consultant: Joachim Schmidt

Short CV, overview knowledge and experiences

EAI/B2B platforms: webMethods Integration Server Suite Version 9.8, 8.2, 7.1, 6.1, 4.7; SAP Business Connector (SAP BC) Version 4.6 and 4.7, Profi Portal Connector and Profi Portal Developer
webMethods modules: webMethods Integration Server, webMethods Developer, webMethods Designer, webMethods Modeler, webMethods Administrator, My webMethods Server MWS, webMethods Monitor, webMethods Deployer, webMethods Broker, webMethods Certificate ToolKit, Blaze Advisor, Optimize, Analytic Engine, Data Collector Engine, Prediction Engine, webMethods UM (Universal Messaging), webMethods Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager, webMethods Terra Cotta Server Array
webMethods adapter and interfaces: SAP IDOC, SAP RFC, jdbc, web service producer, web service consumer, AS 400 command queue, AS 400 dataQ, broker, flat file, swift, fix , reuters, JMS, summit, http, https, ftp, smtp, java client, stored procedures, java application server, JSP, DSP (Dynamic Server Pages)
webMethods addons: CrossVista
programming languages: java 2 sdk 1.4, ejb, C/C++, object oriented Programming, MS Visual C 6.0, MFC, JavaScript, pascal, TCL/TK, Assembler, Basic, Occam2, HP-GL
development tools, frameworks: eclipse, netbeans, Spring, JUnit, javadoc, CVS, svn, pvcs, jira, bugzilla, scarab, lomboz, Visual Source Safe, MindManager, planview, Clear Quest, Echolon
web applikation: Apache Web-Server, Apache Tomcat, Bea Application Server, MS IIS, html/css, jsp, jsf, servlets, portlets, asp, jBoss, Liferay Portal Server
xml: xml, xsl, xsd, dtd, web service, SOAP, SOAP RPC, UDDI, WSDL
xml message formats: golden standard, biztalk, RosettaNet, SAP IDOC, eancom XML
xml tools: XMLSpy, Sonic Stylus Studio, SOAPUI, Apache Xalan/Xerces , Microsoft xml notepad, msxml, msxsl, xdr2xsd
json: REST-services
xml data mapping: XSL, webMethods/SAP BC Flow Language, java
operating systems: MS Windows 10,8,7/XP/2008/2003/2000/NT 4.0, Windows Home Server, Linux, Sun Solaris, OS-9, MS-DOS, VRTX32, VxWorks, VAX/VMS
database: Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL-Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix, MS Access, sql, embedded sql, jdbc, odbc, stored procedures, dbVisualizer, oracle SQL developer, Quest SQL Navigator, squirrel
network, intranet, internet: client/server-architecture, synchronous and asynchronous communication, en/decryption, session handling, cookies, http, JMS, scp, wiki, ftp, telnet, tcp/ip, socket, CGI
secure transmission: https, ssl, ssh, basic authentication, server certificate, client certificate, openssl, CA (Certificate Authority), Root CA, encryption, private key, public key
office: MS Office Professional, Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, MS Project, MS Visio

Download webMethods CV

english: please download my CV as a word document.
german: Bitte speichern Sie meinen Lebenslauf als Word Dokument in deutscher Sprache.

Personal Data

name: Joachim Schmidt
mobile phone: +49 (0) 163 568 4004
address: Schützenstrasse 11, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Germany
availability: of July 2023
languages: German (native), English (fluent in written and spoken)
location: projects in the south of Germany (Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich) are preferred, but EMEA is also welcome
website update: of March 2023